Nurture Nusantara and Malay Leadership, UIN Bukittinggi Collaborates with Benovelent and RSOG Malaysia

Bukittinggi, International Office UIN Bukittinggi, January 2024

Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Sjech M.Djamil Djambek Bukittinggi has partnered with two renowned Malaysian institutions, Benovelent and Razak School of Government (ROG) Malaysia to develop leadership studies and training based on local wisdom, gait and thoughts of leaders in the archipelago and the Malay realm. The effort was signified by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Benovelent Malaysia and a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with representatives of ROG Malaysia, Tuesday (16/1/2024), in Bukittinggi.

 Dr. Arman Husni said that this collaboration is very important to establish UIN Bukittinggi as a strategic partner in the study and development of local wisdom-based leadership training modules. “The archipelago and especially Minangkabau holds many national and international caliber leaders in various fields that are very worthy of study as an intellectual heritage for current and future generations,” he explained.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Cooperation, and Alumni of UIN Bukittinggi Dr. Arman Husni, L.C., M.A (two from right), President of Benovelent Malaysia, Muhammad Hanapi Jamaluddin (right), Director of Leadership Management Development ROG Malaysia, En Azham (left), and Head of UIN Bukittinggi International Relations Center (two from left) during the signing of the MoU between UIN Bukittinggi and Benovelent Malaysia, Tuesday (16/1/2024).

Director of Postgraduate Program of UIN Bukittinggi, Prof. Dr. Silfia Hanani, who was also a speaker at the meeting explained various research treasures in the field of thought of Minangkabau figures in terms of religious, educational, social and political leadership that have been explored by researchers from UIN Bukittinggi. “Research in the field of thought and work of Minangkabau figures needs to be continued not only as a scientific treasure, but can be poured into the form of leadership training modules,” she said.

Director of Postgraduate Program at UIN Bukittinggi, Prof. Dr. Silfia Hanani

 President of Benovelent Malaysia, Muhammad Hanapi Jamaluddin, said that the mission of the institution he developed was closely related to community empowerment efforts and the development of scientific treasures in the overseas regions of Indonesia and Malaysia. Meanwhile, Director of Leadership Development of ROG Malaysia, En Azham, assessed UIN Bukittinggi as an Islamic university that is very appropriate to become a partner of ROG for the development of leadership studies and training drawn from figures from the archipelago and Malay, and Minangkabau in particular.  (io uinbukittinggi).

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